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Authenticity and Originality are the core Business Philosophies we believe in


We at Pashmina Bazar believe that authenticity and originality triumphs all in Business. We believe that the only reason for Pashmina to have survived this long in spite of the numerous cheaper variations produced elsewhere, lies in the true hard work and dedication of the local Kashmiri artisans who never give up on their rich cultural and historical roots. We believe that since we create our shawls in Kashmir and you receive them straight from our shipping location in Kashmir, we have preserved the Pashmina you own from the different permutations and variations. We do not believe in importing Pashminas from sources and never understanding where and how they were made. The true triumph of our business is the direct connection you feel when you hold your Pashmina, with the history and culture that went into shaping what it is.

Proud to bring to you the true colors of Kashmiri Pashmina


Our pashminas are designed, created, and shipped from the place where it all started in the 15th century - Kashmir. This is the place where all your desires for authentic Pashmina will be fulfilled. We are proud to continue in the rich traditions of our ancestors in Kashmir who brought Pashmina to fame all over the world.

We offer an attractive collection of Pure Pashmina Shawls, Wool Shawls, Toosha Shawls, Silk Wool Shawls, Wool Stoles, and Silk Wool Stoles. All our products are designed, created and shipped directly from Kashmir. We are the only Online Store selling Shawls who can to claim that, and we believe that claim gives us the authenticity you deserve when buying your Kashmiri Shawl with the guarantee that you are buying the real Kashmiri Shawl.

The Pashmina Bazar Collection


Pashmina Bazar is famous for its unique collection that provides a great value for our customers when they want variety. Our Online Store keeps a collection of beautiful Shawls, Scarves, Wraps, Stoles, and Jackets made from Pure Pashmina, Wool, Toosha, and Silk. All of our Pashminas and other products are created by expert Kashmir Artisans who hail from the same families of Kashmiris who were first taught the art of making a Pashmina Shawl, centuries ago by craftsmen from Central Asia. These traditional families have continued weaving the finest quality Pashmina for centuries and Pashmina Bazar preserves the best of what Kashmir has to offer to the rest of the world. Here at Pashmina Bazar you will find hundreds of beautiful Pashminas that you will never find anywhere else. Our commitment to our customers is the authenticity and originality in our Pashmina Products. 

A Bazar from Kashmir!

"Bazar" is a word used to describe a small market. At Pashmina Bazar we strive to recreate the same feeling you would have if you would actually have stepped into a Bazar of Pashmina Shawls in Kashmir. With an amazing collection of Wool Shawls, Toosha Shawls, Silk Wool Shawls, Wool Stoles, and Silk Wool Stoles, we hope to leave you enchanted with a deep connection with our Pashminas which you would only feel if you were actually in a Kashmiri Bazar.